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Since 1973, SERVICE has always been the primary focus for Washington Liftruck.  Washington Liftruck has developed a reputation for providing the highest standards of quality in supporting our customers.  It is our primary goal to exceed customer expectations for service and reliability in all that we do. Providing responsive communication is the key to our successful partnership with hundreds of companies in a multitude of industries throughout the world. Experience our trusted forklift team in Seattle today!

Our Core Purpose is to Exceed Expectations!

Our Core Values are to be:

    • Open
    • Honest
    • Responsive
    • Fair
    • Timely

Our Core Ideologies are:

    • To be open to new ideas
    • To be honest and fair in all we do
    • To be timely and responsive in all our actions
    • To continually strive to exceed expectations


    • 1973 – Washington Liftruck founded by Mel Smith
    • 1979 – WLT appointed as a Taylor Dealer for Washington and Alaska
    • 1981 – WLT appointed as a NYK/Mitsubishi Dealer in Western Washington
    • 1985 – Nancy Lee Smith becomes President of Washington Liftruck
    • 1993 – WLT appointed as an Ottawa Dealer in Washington
    • 1999 – WLT appointed as a Caterpillar, Mitsubishi and Taylor Dealer in Oregon
                  and Forklift Services of Oregon is established
    • 2008 – Terminal Services of America (TSA) is established in Oakland, California
                  as an intermodal equipment maintenance organization
    • 2011 – TSA adds another location in Seattle, Washington

Washington Lift Truck
700 S. Chicago St. Seattle WA 98108
Phone: 206-762-2040
Fax: 206.767.6280
Toll Free Phone: 877-375-6361

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